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Is 5 G network spread Covid-19. Know the reality

The Telecommunication and Regulatory Authority (TRA) in Dubai has come forward explaining the reality behind the rumor that 5 G network spread coronavirus. The TRA has made it clear that the  rumor is base less.

Earlier the former Grand Mufti of Egypt has raised such an allegation. Also there is many fake claims and news are spreading in social media that the 5 G network will spread Covid-19.

TRA  has confirmed that none of the frequencies or radio waves used in the communication sectors could possibly create or help in spreading any viruses or bacteria. This fact was confirmed many experts across the globe. The TRA said that reading of such false premises on social platforms were nothing new.

The TRA cautioned the public to obtain news from official sources, not be conned by misinformation and make sure they were not misled by false messages on social media.


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