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HBD Thala Ajith : Here are some unknown facts about the actor

Ajith Kumar often mononymously called Thala Ajith, is an Indian film actor who works predominantly in Tamil cinema. To date, Ajith has starred in over 50 films. In addition to his acting, he is also a motor car racer and participated in the MRF Racing series (2010).

He began his career with a small role in the 1990 Tamil film En Veedu En Kanavar. Singer S. P. Balasubrahmanyam introduced Ajith to Tamil film industry by referring him to play lead role in Amaravathi (1993).Then, Ajith starred in film Prema Pusthakam (1993), and his first critical acclaimed appearance was in the thriller Aasai (1995).He subsequently established himself as a romantic hero with Kadhal Kottai (1996), Aval Varuvala (1998) and Kadhal Mannan (1998). Successful films such as Vaali (1999), Mugavaree (2000), Kandukondain Kandukondain (2000) and Citizen (2001)[5] followed. He established himself as an action hero starting with film Amarkalam (1999), in which he co-starred with his future wife, Shalini.

Here are some unknown facts about the actor :

1. Ajith Kumar prefers drinking on any cup with his left hand. This is to prevent the bacterial infection as the proportion of left handed people is comparatively lesser than right handed ones.

2. He prefers eating on bio-degradable paper plates and even serves his guests with those plates. This is purely for health purpose that in spite of washing the dish plates many times, it would carry chances of bacterial existence.

3. He takes special interest in designing his house and office. Not alone in his home, but he even designs interiors and architectural structures for his friends and close associates.

4. While leaving for shoot everyday from his home, he never misses to meet his parents staying down stairs and seeks their blessings before departing.

5. As soon as completing the shoot at 6 p.m. when in Chennai, he immediately leaves to gym and from there to home, where he will spend entire evening playing his children.

6. If he is making a call to you after 6 p.m. the first words you would hear him say “Is it right time to speak?”

7. During the weekends, he makes sure of spending quality time with his family, especially his brothers, in-laws and close friends.

8. If some of his fans driver alongside his cars on roads to greet him, he would even go to the extent of buying them a helmet and insist them to wear it. This has a personal reason, because of his losing his close friend, who died in an accident just because of not wearing helmet.

9. If you’re getting a chance to meet him, make sure your nails are trimmed neatly. He deeply hates anyone with long and dirt nails.

10. He never prefers dozing off during leisure times and instead is indulged in other activities like photography, painting and cooking.

11. He never wants his fans to troll or ruin the image of his competitive actors and he makes sure such people are banished from his office or surroundings.

12. When working on a particular project he makes sure of focusing on it precisely. Even if a big director or producer approaches him during a time when he is working on a film, he just avoids them on whatever condition it might be.

13. When there happens to be a situation to meet producers, he would never make them strain. He just travels all the way to their office as he believes they are his proprietors.

14. When a director approaches him to narrate a script, he makes sure of spending some time with casual talks before approaching him. He will see the vibes of both share the comfortable zone or else he would avoid the project. His mantra is that if two persons cannot be comfortable even for 15 minutes, how it would be for next 3-4 months.

15. From Day 1 of pre-production work to the last day of dubbing, he would be using the same contact number and immediately after dubbing, he would change it. This is a means of psychologically relieving from a project.

16. He is someone, who gives more importance to tidy appearance. You will see even his close associates and staffs including drivers wearing neat dress and shirts.

17. While most of the actors prefer to send their associates and fan club members to theatres for their first day movie releases, Ajith Kumar refrains from such activities and spends his time in seclusion. He just spends time lonely keeping away from phone calls.

18. Ajith Kumar happens to be the only and rare actors, who reached A-league of actors without being a part of top directors. Instead, he holds special mention for introducing directors like SJ Surya, AR Murugadoss, VZ Durai, Saravana Subbaiah and many more.

19. While shooting any sequence with actors elder than him, he would ask his directors to narrate the scene to them as a token of respect for their age and experience. It happened when he asked Venkat Prabhu to narrate the scenes to Arjun during the shoot of ‘Mankatha’.

20. It is worth mentioning that his first movie was in Telugu titled ‘Prema Pusthakam’, directed by Gollapudi Srinivas, who drowned in the seas while shooting the movie. Even today, a special award has been conferred by the late director’s family members to the first time directors in Indian film industry for their debut directorial achievement every year.


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