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How effective is Vitamin D against Covid-19,Scientists bust the myth

It is a known fact that Covid-19 has no medical solution so far. Symptomatic treatment is the only way to counter the disease once a person contracts the virus. Raising the overall health and a conscious effort in Social distancing will keep the virus at bay and the message is being campaigned heavily via all state-driven machinery.

Out of the many tips to save humanity from the virus one stands out due to its claimed medical background. It is to increase the intake of Vitamins D and C to boost immunity and kill the Covid virus.

Scientists at the University of Britain had negated this claim and deemed the campaign could do more harm than good. Prof Collin Smith of the University of Britain said that Vitamin D has a significant role in building a healthy immunity in humans, but the effects of it to fight Covid-19 are never proved.

BMJ Journal of Nutrition in an article named ‘Prevention and health outline’ states that taking Vitamin D pills has no proven effect for raising immunity against Covid-19. The experts also raised concern that the over intake of Vitamin D has proven side effects which will put the Kidneys in danger. Consuming vitamin D pills is especially dangerous for patients with known kidney complications.


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