Mia Khalifa shares a before and after video showing off her epic transformation : Watch Here

Taking to Instagram, Mia Khalifa shared a video of her and captioned it, “One year ago today, vs. TODAY Least now I know Robert means it when he says he loves me at any weight, cause he proposed to my Before.” In the post, Mia mentioned that the video she shared is of her from a year ago on this very day. The before and after video features Mia from a year ago on this very day and the other sees herself today.

In the before video, Mia Khalifa is spotted dressed in a pair of denim, converse and a yellow top and shows off her little belly poncho. Whereas in the after video, she has shared, the former porn star steals the show with her well-toned abs and sexy fit physique. As Mia shared the post, the former porn star mentioned how she never believed her fiancé Robert when he said he loves her at any weight. But, after looking at the before the video, Khalifa was sure Robert means what he says always as she had a little belly even when he proposed her for marriage.





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