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Covid rising in South Africa,Cases climb to 1,84000

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, expressed his worries on the fast spread of Covid infection in the country.More than half of South Africa’s more than 48,000 confirmed cases have been recorded in the last two weeks,sending a clear message to top administrations.

South Africa has the most cases in Africa, whose 54 countries have reported more than 184,000 cases including more than 5,000 deaths, according to the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.With a population of 57 million people,South Africa expects to see the Covid deaths climb above 1,000 soon.

Ramaphosa wrote Monday in his weekly letter to the nation.”Like many South Africans, I, too, have been worried as I watch these figures keep rising,”Ramaphosa wrote.

“While these numbers are broadly in line with what the various models had projected, there is a big difference between looking at a graph on a piece of paper and seeing real people becoming infected, some getting ill and some dying,” he wrote.

But the paradoxy is that the Africa’s biggest economy is easing many restrictions of its 10-week-old lockdown, even as Covid deaths and infections steeply rise.

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