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‘Shirtless pics clicked at Golden hour’, Tiger Shroff thanks Paparazzi for’ripped’ material

Sharing the picture clicked by the paparazzi Tiger wrote on Instagram,”Papp ninjas got me good…thanks for this one guys ran out of insta material.” His choreographer friend Piyush Bhagat asked him in the comments section, “We were talking on the phone, right? About our next dancing block or a song?”

Tiger Shroff was apparently spotted on his balcony at the photographers ‘golden hour’,in which light gets beautifully dispersed to make amazing pictures.Golden hour is the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset, during which daylight is redder and softer than when the Sun is higher in the sky.

Media had gathered around Tiger’s house as he was enjoying the weekend breeze on his terrace. He came towards the boundary of his terrace to wave at the gathered paparazzi when they clicked his pictures. Tiger is seen flaunting his perfectly chiseled upper body while the wind messes up his hair. He is also seen holding a hairband in his other hand. He later wore a tee and his mother Ayesha Shroff also came out to wave to the photographers.


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