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Guts does have connection to brain stroke ! New study reveals

Scientists has found a link between Cavernous angiomas(CA), a type of brain blood vessel abnormality, and the gut microbiome’s composition. Humans have approximately 100 trillion micro organisms in their guts. The study reinforces emerging research on the significance of the microbiota-gut-brain axis, which is the relationship between bacteria in the gut and how the brain functions.

Cavernous Angiomas is a brain blood vessel abnormality which significantly increases the chances of its rupture causing haemorrhages leading to stroke. The symptoms of CA are headaches, visual disturbances, seizures, or stroke.

To find out the relation between the specific type of gut bacteria and the CA, scientists conducted an advanced genomic analysis of the stool samples of 122 people with at least one identified CA. They compared these samples to a control group matched for age and sex who did not have any CA.

The study found that the CA group had more gram-negative gut bacteria, whereas the control group had more gram-positive gut bacteria.Further, the study found that particular types of gut bacteria were more prevalent in people with CA, even after they had accounted for possible confounding factors, such as sex, geographic location, or genetics.Those people suffering with CA have gut bacteria which produces more lipopolysaccharide molecules.

The new findings can help doctors to identify a potential stroke by a detailed foecal lab examination.


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