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‘Bridge on Galwan’: Major Ravi and Mohanlal team up for a film on India-China clash

Former Army officer and Malayalam filmmaker Major Ravi has announced his new film with Superstar Mohanlal. The film will be based on the recent Galwan Valley stand-off and India-China border clash. The movie is titled ‘Bridge on Galwan’.

“Be it Keerthichakra or Picket 43, the movies that I have done till now revolved around India-Pakistan wars and conflicts. In the upcoming movie, I would be revealing the incidents that happened in the past between India and China, and how it has all led to this escalation point. The film will also shed light on how badly the Indian army was defending our border with China because the previous governments had given orders not to use weapons. No army can take that stance and guard the country against an enemy. This was evident from the photos that were circulated in which the soldiers were using just physical force”, said Major Ravi to Times of India.

“The story will be connected to the strategic bridge, which is what agitated the Chinese and has become the reason for the current conflict. Because of the bridge, which gives India a significant logistical advantage in terms of transportation of troops if need be, the Chinese are bothered about India recapturing Aksai Chin in the Line of Actual Control”, added he.

“The plan is to make a pan-Indian movie with actors across the industries. I have always filmed my movies in locations where the actual story is based on. So, I will shoot in the Leh-Ladakh region, maybe not in Galwan. I want to start filming by January 2021 depending on the weather and the pandemic,” says Major Ravi.



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