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Health and Life : Have you also used vegetarian condom, Know detail

Sex is a part of life with which people use condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancy while being physical and to avoid sexual diseases. Several flavored and dotted condoms are already available in the market. But have you ever asked the shopkeeper to give a vegetarian condom. Have you ever heard about Vegetarian condom before? Let’s know about the same

Experts say that Philippe Seifer and Waldemar Zeiler have produced vegetarian condoms. Their company name is Einhorn. The special thing about these condoms is that they are not made from animal protein ‘casein’ like other condoms. Philippe Seifer and Waldemar Zeiler have used natural grease from trees to make vegetarian condoms. This smoothness is used to make the condom soft..

The consumer who purchases these vegetarian condoms made by Einhorn Company is between 20 to 40 years old. 60% of these purchases are women. In the past 30 years, the company has planted rubber trees in large quantities by small farmers in Thailand for making vegetarian condoms. Pesticides are not used in these gardens.


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