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Study finds a new way to improve your IQ and EQ: Share the bed with your spouse

Researchers in Germany has found that couples who slept together had enhanced and less disrupted rapid-eye movement (REM) sleep compared to when they slept individually. The REM sleep is associated with vivid dreams and has been linked to emotion regulation, memory consolidation, social interactions and creative problem solving.

“Sleeping with a partner might actually give you an extra boost regarding your mental health, your memory and creative problem-solving skills,” said Dr Henning Johannes Drews of the Center for Integrative Psychiatry (ZIP), Germany. This comprehensively can boost both the intelligence quotient (IQ)and emotional quotient(EQ) of subjects. Dr Drews and colleagues overcame the limitations of metering only the body movements by also incorporating sleep architecture in their study on couples that shared a bed.

They measured sleep parameters both in the presence and absence of the partner using dual simultaneous polysomnography, which is a “very exact, detailed and comprehensive method to capture sleep on many levels – from brain waves to movements, respiration, muscle tension, movements, heart activity”, said Dr.Drew


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