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8 World leaders demand equal access to Covid vaccine


World leaders joined to raise their demand that the Covid vaccine, when developed should be free of monopoly and all nations should have equal access to it. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau joined the leaders of Spain, New Zealand, South Korea, Ethiopia and three other countries joining the league demanding Covid vaccine with out any particular affliction to a nation or company.The league sought cooperation from various countries in manufacturing and distributing Covid-19 vaccine.

“Vaccines save lives. That’s why we’re working here at home and with partners around the world to find one. And when we do, we must keep working together to make sure that people everywhere have access to it – because where you live should not determine whether you live,” Trudeau tweeted on Thursday morning.

The Oxford Universities Covid vaccine is in its final large-scale Phase III of human trials to prove its efficiency against the virus.A UK news paper reported the vaccine could be announced as early as Thursday


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