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Nepal Archaeological department starts digging to find ‘Nepal Ayodhya’

The India-Nepal ties has sunk to a new low following Nepal PMs claim over the real Ayodhya ,is in Thori of Nepal.After the verbal blitzcrig of Nepalese PM,the Ministry of foriegn affairs, sensing the implications of the statement may bite down to the people-to people ties of both countries came out with an explanation.

The clarification was that the PMs statement were not linked to any political subject and were not intended to hurt the feelings and sentiments of any one.Nepalese Foreign ministry further added that the PM Oli’s remarks were not made to downgrade the cultural significance of Ayodhya and its religious value.

KP Oli made the statement at a religious event held at his residence that India hijacked the cultural significance of Nepal and had always tried to mask its achievements by using its diplomatic high handedness.

The Nepal PMs remarks were just an expression of the ancient folklore’s still prevalent among tribal people. The archaeological department has started excavating the region of Birgunj in Thori district.”The department has been holding several meetings with different ministries to discuss the possibility of starting archaeological studies in Thori of Birgunj,” it quoted Ram Bahadur Kunwar, the spokesperson for the DOA(Department of Archaeology).
The DOA Director Damodar Gautam agrees that the Archaeological department till now has no base to find the remnants of ‘Raghu dynasty’in Birgunj.

The only known place with a striking archaeological similarity with UPs Ayodhya is Ayuthaya,an ancient city of warriors ,80 km from the capital of Thailand-Bangkok.

Several top Nepalese political leaders from different parties have slammed Oli for making “senseless and irrelevant” remarks about the birthplace of Lord Ram.


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