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Indians grubbed Five-and-half Lakh Chicken biriyanis during Lock down, Swiggy data full of surprises

Going through the data released by food delivery platform Swiggy, it is fair to assume that Indians were all-prepared loosening their belts to attack what restaurants can offer.The Swiggy report also nails the Indians love for their all-time favorite dish-‘The Chicken Biriyani’.

This data is additional to the trillion DIY cookery videos on various Indian dishes including Sambar and Pepper Chicken Curry.

Swiggy has compiled and analysed statistics for the past few months in the cities where the app has a presence to reveal how exactly India has been ordering and eating during lockdown.Chicken biriyani took the top spot for overall orders, with 5,54,512 orders. This was followed by butter naan at 3,35,185 and masala dosa at 3,31,423.

Coming to the dessert Menu,there were 129,000 orders for chocolate lava cakes. Gulab jamun and butterscotch mousse cake came in second and third at 84,558 and 27,317 orders respectively. Nearly 1,20,000 birthday cakes were delivered to homes for celebrations during this time.Much of the orders are placed after 8 PM,which remained the busiest hour for the food delivery aggregator, its delivery executives and restaurant partners just like pre-Covid period.

There were also orders for 350,000 instant noodles which can be prepared in just 2 minutes.


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