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PM Narendra Modi will stay for 3 hrs in Ayodhya, Extreme vigilance on Nepal border

Security in Ayodhya has been beefed up in preparation for the first visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the holy land.As per official schedule PM will spend 3 hours in Ayodhya which is critical on a security point of view as intelligence had warned of a terror strike on the day of bhumi pujan. All buildings in Ayodhya will be decorated and lit with lamps for the occasion.

The trust will gift the idols of Kodanda Raman and Luv-Kush to the Prime Minister.

PM may also visit Hanumangarhi and Sharu Ghat and CCTV cameras are placed to cover nook and corners of the historic sites.Power stations and high-rise structures are specially protected.A control station is built from which all of Ayodhya can be monitored.

Ayodhya is getting decorated maintaining the religious ambiance of the city.A spiritual unity is observed in Ayodhya now with all Akharas and math seers participate in decorations and preparation of the event.All sects of Sanatan Dharma will be present in Ayodhya during bhumi Pujan.16 lakh ladoos are prepared for distribution after the event. VHP’s former Uttar Pradesh organizing minister Ambareesh said the goal of inter-sect  harmony in the country would be realized in the presence of religious leaders of every sect and religion in the area.

There is strict checking on Nepal border on the backdrop of PMs visit.All vehicles are screened and checked before entering Ayodhya from borders.

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