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“When in public, wear a mask”… Google song goes viral!!! Watch video…

People in many countries are arguing over wearing masks in public, Google shared a ‘mask song’ that is a modified version of the nursery rhymes ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ to bring out the importance of wearing a face cover.

Google says that if you say “Hey Google” to an Android device it will sing out the song so that you can learn the lyrics.

Here’s how the song goes:

“When in public, wear a mask. Just a teeny-weeny task.

It helps keep us safe and sound, health and care all around.

On your mouth and on your nose, good to cover both of those.”

People were impressed by the tune and many praised the company for its efforts. Earlier this month, Google dedicated its homepage doodle to remind people about basic safety precautions — wearing masks and maintaining social distancing

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