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‘Coronavirus Red Lines’ ; Schools to take action against “Fake coughs and covid jokes”!!!

UK ; The coronavirus had resulted in a complete shutdown of countries all across the world. This also included in schools and colleges being closed. Now, relaxations are being brought about to get our lives back to normal with maintaining the pandemic protocols. Social distancing and masks have become an absolute necessity as scores of people will be stepping out of their houses for economic and educational deliberations.

Schools and colleges are also being reopened soon.As of August 31, schools in the United Kingdom are all set to welcome students back to start the new academic year. All the institutions have been given strict guidelines that have to be followed in order to ensure social distancing in their campuses. These measures come with a caveat as well. If any of them are not adhered to, it can result in a strict disciplinary action that is tantamount to a suspension from the school.

Now, what some of these measures are? The Ark Alexandra Academy in East Sussex has come up with what is known as ‘Coronavirus red lines’ that include what is not permitted and what the violation of those rules can lead to. “The following behaviours may result in a fixed-term exclusion- deliberate or malicious coughs/sneezes at any point, inappropriate comments related to the coronavirus, purposeful physical contact with any other person, repeated failure to follow instructions within an inappropriate time frame resulting in the student needing to be removed from lesson.”

In short, if any student is seen ‘fake’ coughing around their fellow classmates or even as much as crack a joke or two on the pandemic, then he or she might be in trouble. The Byron Academy in London is also following suit.¬†Other measures are also brought about which include that students may have to remain in the classrooms for a better part of their school duration and even eat lunches on the desk.These rules might look extremely harsh but it looks like the students might have to get used to what ‘new normal’ will be like in academic institutions.

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