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Magical properties of mint: boosts immunity… Read more to know other properties!!!

It’s that time of the year again; the onset of summers – the days are warmer, longer and brighter and we are loving every bit of the pleasant change in the weather. Transition of weather is not always the most pleasant event for all, it is crucial to take all the necessary precautions to keep the risk of cold and flu at bay. One of the summer staples that we are particularly looking forward during this season is mint or pudina.

Mint has powerful antioxidant properties. It is excellent to manage blood sugar levels and treat skin conditions. Mint also helps in healthy weight management.

Here are some of the benefits of mint or pudina:

1.      For Strong Immunity: Mint is packed with a varied range of antioxidants that help prevent free radical                     activity. Free radical activity could take a toll on your immunity. Mint is also enriched with anti-inflammatory           properties that help ease discomfort and pain that is often tied with cold and flu.

2.    For health management: Mint stimulates digestive enzymes, which help in better absorption of nutrients               from food, which in turn helps in weight-management. Additionally, it boosts metabolism and is also low in             calories. A faster metabolism may help you shed those kilos faster.

How to make Mint water:

It is fairly easy to make mint water at home. It can serve as a good means to detox your body and also do wonders for your skin. Take a few mint leaves and dunk it in a tumbler full of water, you can add a dash of lemon juice too. Keep it overnight. Consume the infused water first thing in the morning. You can also carry it to your work and keep sipping into it.

How to relieve cough and asthma

1.      If you are suffering from a cough, drop one drop of mint extract in warm water and inhale the fumes                       through the mouth and push out the steam through your nose. This way mint extract passes through your             throat and nose relieving both the areas.

2.      In the case of asthmatic patients they can inhale the vapours of mint as well. The anti-inflammatory                       properties of mint help reduce swelling in the throat and in the bronchioles, giving the patient some relief.

3.      Another great remedy is to have some mint tea. Not only will this mixture help you get better faster, it will               also boost your immunity. To make mint tea, take a few leaves of mint and tulsi, crush them and add them             to a cup of boiling water. Take a small piece of ginger and a few pepper corns, crush them and add them to           the water as well. Bring the mixture to a boil until the leaves turn brown. Now strain and add a bit of honey           to sweeten the brew. Sip on this mixture at least three times a day for severe cases of cold. You can                     reduce the amount of times you have the tea depending on how severe your symptoms are. Remember               not to add too much honey to the brew, it can lead to constipation.

4.      If you suffer from frequent cough and cold, or asthma attacks, simply plant a mint plant outside your                     window. According to Ayurvedic doctors this will help keep the diseases at bay.

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