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Interesting!!! 1,200 km on scooter to attend exam, gets air tickets for return journey….

A Jharkhand man drove over 1,200 km on a scooter, with his pregnant wife so that she could appear for an exam for aspiring teachers in Madhya Pradesh’s Gwalior. The couple, Dhananjay Kumar (27) and his wife Soni Hembram (22), travelled on the two-wheeler from Jharkhand to reach Gwalior, a centre for DEd exam, required to be cleared by those wanting to take up teaching jobs.

The wish to see his wife become a school teacher inspired Kumar to undertake the journey, covering more than 1,200 km across four states, heavy rains and bad roads in the midst of coronavirus enforced lockdown.

The administration provided Rs 5,000 as immediate assistance and will also pay for their rent and make arrangements for their food. We have also offered to send them back to their village safely. As the woman is pregnant, special attention is being given to her and her medical examination and ultrasound will be done.

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