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Exciting!!! India enters the ‘Elite Hypersonic Club’ along with US,Russia and China…..

New Delhi: India entered the elite missile club joining United States, Russia and China after it successfully flight tested hypersonic technology that will lead the way towards development of missiles travelling at six times the speed of sound. The country has become the member of the hypersonic regime. This is a step towards manufacture of advanced Hypersonic Vehicles.

Hypersonic technology deals with movement at least five times the speed of sound, termed Mach 1. Hypersonic speed is generally accepted to be Mach 5, or 3,836.35 miles per hour in conditions of 20 degrees Celsius at sea level. The conditions are important since the speed of sound can vary according to temperature and height.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has appreciated the DRDO for achieving this milestone.

All the performance parameters have indicated a resounding success of the mission. With this successful demonstration, many critical technologies such as aerodynamic configuration for Hypersonic manoeuvers, use of scramjet propulsion for ignition and sustained combustion at hypersonic flow, thermo-structural characterisation of high temperature materials and separation mechanism at hypersonic.


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