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IIT-Delhi withdraws Dog Handler recruitment after it creates buzz on social media….

In an ad posted by one of the premier technological institute in India, IIT Delhi was seeking individuals to fill the post of a dog-handler on campus.

IIT Delhi said it will be paying a salary of Rs 45,000 to the handler. As per reports, persons performing similar tasks for Delhi Police earned a bare Rs 20,000, less than half of what was being offered by IIT.

The eligibility criteria for the handlers was posted, with eligibility criteria B.A/B.Sc/B.Com/B.Tech or any equivalent undergraduate degree.

IIT Delhi has cancelled the current recruitment process for a “Dog Handler” after an error in which minimum qualification mentioned B Tech.

Apart from the bizarre eligibility criteria, IIT Delhi claimed it was looking for someone in the age of 21-35-year-old, male or female, who would be able to single-handedly perform tasks like vaccinating the dog and taking care of its medical needs while also managing paperwork, creating excels and PPT presentations to “coordinate with NGOs for sterilization among other things.

The advertisement comes amid one of the worst periods of the Indian economy, which has faced severe job loss due to the coronavirus pandemic this year. The institute has canceled the current recruitment process after this mistake was brought to the notice of higher authorities.


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