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An Analysis ; Who was ‘Krishna’ and What is ‘Krishna Consciousness’???

The general concept of Lord Krishna is that he enjoyed life in all its comforts. But Krishna’s whole life has been a struggle against crises. It was the way Krishna adopted his life that made us feel so enjoyable. Krishna never traveled through pleasure. Krishna was the one who watched his clan being beaten to death. Krishna was the one who bravely faced any calamity without lamenting.

For these reasons, the Indians call Lord Krishna the Absolute Incarnation.
What else to call a man who lived every moment with full awareness, who did not count the profits and losses, who experienced salvation every moment, and who led a life inaccessible to the common man.It has often been felt that those who fully understand the historical man Krishna are few. Probably due to the decline of those who understood Krishna, India at one time was in decline.

Bhagavad Gita and the Mahabharata will help us to understand Krishna.In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna’s childhood and family life are described in a superficial way.Krishna’s extraordinary heroism is evident in the ‘leelas’ who invested in youth in Bhagavad Gita, even if they are considered to be the epitome of mythology. In the Mahabharata, the entry of the historical figure Krishna is in Draupadi Swayamvaram.Krishna arrives with the intention of seeing Draupadi Swayamvaram as a mere spectator. Krishna recognizes the Pandavas at a glance and shows them to Balarama. Vyasan paints a beautiful picture of Krishna’s observation of the Pandavas, accompanied by Krishna,Dhritarashtra gives the Pandavas a throne for water and fertile, rocky forest.

Indraprastha, who came to the fore with the help of the Mayans, is an example of the hard work of the Pandavas. Krishna assists the Pandavas even in this dilemma. During his exile, Krishna came to see the Pandavas, to Satyaki’s question, ‘Let us fight against Duryodhana; Krishna says in his mind, ‘Yudhisthira is not a beggar but a Kshatriya to accept generosity without keeping his word’.Vyasan describes Krishna as a lion who climbs into the midst of foxes, who goes to the side of Duryodhana and Dhritarashtra, who insists that the war is over after the defeat of the two messengers after their exile.From Yudhisthira to Vidura, Krishna’s steadfastness and courage are evident here, despite warnings of possible dangers.

Krishna denies Duryodhana’s hospitality for two reasons. “There are two conditions for accepting someone else’s food. Either the guest must have an unquenchable appetite. Or the host must have a great love for the guest. I know you don’t have both. Then why should I accept your hospitality? I came with a job. I only have an official relationship with you. ”After this, Krishna goes to Viduran’s house and accepts the food, even the fruit peel, which he has lovingly prepared for him. Dharma-adharma discrimination can be seen here.After the last peace attempts have failed, Duryodhana decides to go to war. Gandhari’s mother opposes Duryodhana’s decision to imprison Krishna, who came with a messenger. Drona, Sanjaya, Bhishma and Vidura were the only ones who could see the cosmic form of Krishna without losing sight of his eyesight. The Mahabharata says that Dhritarashtra also saw because he wanted to be able to see. After reminding Duryodhana that fate cannot be prevented, Krishna returns.

During the preparations for the war, two men arrive in Dwarka at the same time asking for help. Arjuna and Duryodhana. Krishna, who had hitherto been neutral and on the side of Dharma, gave his ‘Narayanisena’ to Duryodhana and leaned exactly towards the Pandavas. Both recipients were completely satisfied. With the understanding of what to do with Krishna, Duryodhana, who had won by force of arms, had to pay a heavy price. Krishna, who could have easily become an omnipotent general, took on the job of a charioteer. There does not seem to be any other proof of Krishna’s humility and lack of arrogance. Knowing that the victories and defeats of the war depended on Arjuna’s mentality, Krishna became Arjuna’s charioteer.Krishna then carries with him an arrow that comes against Arjuna as he confronts the elderly Bhagadatta. Krishna’s answer to the question as to why Krishna, who is not at war, is doing such a thing unnecessarily, was that it is Vaishnavism.

Krishna then advises the subterfuge itself to overcome those who have started violating the Dharma with the assassination of Abhimanyu, realizing the fact that a dharma war will become a threat to their own survival in the presence of those who continue to transgress the word, in the presence of those who have no moral sense at all. Everyone is killed with the help of Krishna through the struggles they deserve.If we want to survive, if we are not morally conscious on the other side, then moral existence will only destroy us.

After the battle, Gandhari, disgusted by the horrific scenes on the battlefield, cried out, “You have found pleasure in killing wedding figures with fine emeralds,” and cursed Vasudev with a small smile as he cursed, “Let your clan beat each other to death.” Mom, no one can destroy them. But their destruction must be made certain according to chronology. Thank you for putting the curse of self-destruction on them. ”There is only one person in the epic who accepts the situation completely, with a small smile, whether the circumstances are favorable or unfavorable to him, regardless of his own identity. It is the real Lord Krishna.
After arranging for Yudhisthira at Ashwamedh, Krishna returns to Dwarka. Then Krishnan realizes that it is time for the Yadava dynasty to go on a pilgrimage knowing that Gandhari’s words will come true.After calmly looking at his drunken clan fighting near the Prabhasa Tirtha and seeing Balarama’s Yoga Samadhi with the Uddhavs, the Uddhavs are sent to Arjuna, and the hunter Jaraya sends poison at the feet of the Yogi Krishna. Krishna leaves the body with full awareness and smile.

Still the question remains ..
Who was Krishnan?
An undisciplined, naughty little boy?
Who is the musician who captivated the audience with his flute reading?
A beautiful dancer who danced beautifully and pleasantly?
Who is the lover who has irresistibly attracted his girlfriends to him?
Who disrespects the humiliated woman in the church?
A brave and courageous fighter?
Coward who fled the war?
Angel of Peace?
The thief?
Who even broke his promise to take up arms in the inevitable battle?
The one who shed light on his friend’s immense potential and made him fit for war?
Who said that sacrifices and yajnas should be performed properly but life should not be limited to them?
Who abandoned even his own army in such a way as to make the other seem ruthless?
A wise and cunning diplomat?
Who is reluctant to accept power and at the same time throw it away like grass?
An aristocrat who speaks with the utmost decency in conversation?
Who saw the other side of Yoga Saparya?
One who can adapt to any situation in life?
Who has experienced life in its fullest color variation?
Who lived in harmony with nature?
Who exactly was Krishna? Wasn’t this one? Or was it all this?
Can Krishna be reduced to mere words?
Who knows Krishna completely?
If so, who is as fortunate as they are?

Many people saw Krishna in different ways. Some have a little boy named Krishna, some have a dear friend, some have a guru, some have a yogi. Krishna is the only one who can be seen in all these roles ..
Krishna is the embodiment of all tastes. Everyone says that this is Krishna according to their mood .. Krishna is unpredictable. He is beyond the land and the time.He reappears again and again when there is a loss of Dharma. What was Krishna like? Who were they?

The world knows Krishna only partially 
Krishna’s color was black. The word Krishna itself means black.
But for not being within the scope of our vision, the infinite is blue for anything.
This must be the reason why Krishna is inscribed in blue . Krishna is infinite. He is beyond the scope of our perspective. I still have a lot to learn from Lord Krishna. Need to grow into Krishna.
Krishna consciousness is the ability to accept with full mind the pleasures and sorrows that life presents before us without complaints. Each of us by trying to know Krishna
May you become Krishna conscious.

By Krishna Priya

Courtesy :
Sri. Anilkumar Kappillil
Smy. Amminikkutty


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