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Coronavirus Vaccine:- British researchers start trials for inhaled versions!!!

UK:-Researchers in the United Kingdom begin trials for the inhaled version of the coronavirus vaccine that is currently under development. The researchers believe that vaccine shots will work better if they reach the lungs directly. The researchers said that they will take around 30 volunteers for the trials and the vaccine shot will be given in the form of a mist or aerosol. The researchers will try Oxford’s vaccine that is currently under temporary suspension and the vaccine developed by Imperial College which entered the human testing phase.

The current pandemic is caused by a respiratory virus that primarily infects people through the cells lining the nose, throat, and lungs. These surfaces are specialized and produce a different immune response to the rest of the body. So it is crucial we explore whether targeting the airways directly can provide an effective response compared to a vaccine injected into the muscle. Many countries are waiting for the coronavirus vaccine. There are as many as 180 vaccine candidates that are being explored and experimented globally. However, no vaccine has successfully completed all the trials yet.



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