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“Biggest Lead” on “Homicide Angle” ; Sushanth behaved “suspicious” on June 13th !!!

Mumbai: The investigating agencies have stated major revelations on ‘homicide’ angle on ‘day of death’ disparity in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case. CBI sources have told that Sushant Singh Rajput’s phone usage gave a clue towards the ‘suspicious behaviour’ by the actor a ‘day before his body was found’.

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Besides Rhea Chakraborty, the prime accused in the case, the investigating agencies have questioned the sushant’s staff members as well as his friends for probable deviations in their statements.The investigation agency has monitored on why,the cook Neeraj said that the actor had a glass of juice on the morning of June 14, but the post mortem report noted an ’empty bladder’. Similarly, the probe has interrogated upon why, when Dipesh Sawant said that he was ‘alarmed’ and was knocking the door from 10.30 to 1 pm on June 14.

As reported earlier, some of the other aspects in the investigation waved around a Rs 14 lakh watch which went missing from Rajput’s drawer, why the actor’s family was never given the keys of the house  The family members were shocked to see that the other members in the house were cooking food and getting ready for a meal when they went to receive the mortal remains of Sushant.

Top CBI sources also confirms that post-June 13, 2.22 pm, Sushant went off-grid and was not contactable to his family members. Neighbours have also told on numerous occasions that the lights of Rajput’s house were switched off at 10.30 pm on June 13. This was unusual since the actor would be awake until 4 am otherwise.

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