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“Trivandrum Development”-Better Late Than Never-Awake Trivandrum

Trivandrum ; The President of Trivandrum Chamber of Commerce and Industry(TCCI) Shri.SN Raghuchandran Nair talks about the development of the state capital.”The people of Trivandrum have been very piqued
that Trivandrum, our beautiful Capital City with so much potential, has been meted out a step-motherly treatment by our Elected Representatives who in their abject bias towards Central and North Kerala, have been systematically destroying Trivandrum, the Capital City of our State”.

He stated that one can understand their interest in developing the rather underdeveloped Malabar Region and patronising the Central Region but that should not be at the cost of neglecting the Capital City of the State.The fault also lies with us for not having registered our protests in any way despite successive Governments letting us down. The sad truth is that even the various organisations of Trivandrum did precious little to voice their grievances against this prejudice. Today, it is more than just a bias. Vested interests with an agenda are clearly working to destroy Trivandrum.

He added that It was really heartening to note that the Central Govt realising this is going ahead with its agenda of privatisation of the operations of the Trivandrum International Airport which over the years have been neglected by successive Govts and political parties. This will pave way for more developments to our Capital Region.The statement made by Union Civil Aviation Minister Shri Hardeep Singh Puri the other day,
busted the myths propagated by the Govt and Opposition Parties led by the Congress about the Privatisation of Trivandrum Airport on the floor of Parliament. He very clearly stated how the Govt which entered bidding with ROFR condition, lost it by quoting 19.3% less than the highest bidder.

“Despite all these, we fail to understand how our Finance Minister Shri Thomas Isaac had the courage to write an Open Letter to our bold MP Dr Shashi Tharoor, indicating his total ignorance on the subject which does not deserve a reply .It was also really shocking to see Shri KC Venugopal who was elected to the Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan protesting in the Parliament about the privatisation of Trivandrum Airport instead of raising his objections to the privatisation of the Jaipur Airport. He did not move his little finger for that. Where was Shri Venugopal all these years. He could have taken up the cause of the Trivandrum Airport when he was the Union Civil Aviation Minister from 2012 to 2014 but chose to ignore this oldest and the first International Airport in the State for reasons known to him. He was merrily promoting the other airports in the State. What moral right has he to talk about Trivandrum airport”, He said.

Shri.SN Raghuchandran Nair asserted the need to identify hypocrites in our system and isolate them which will ruin our dream of seeing Trivandrum getting developed as a Capital City and it’s Region.Not a single political party has come out with a Master Plan for the development of this Capital City and the Region.Citizens of Tvm are taken for granted for their patience all these years. “Those days are over and we will ensure no political dispensations can come to power without ensuring the blessings of its citizens, young and old, male and female who will stand together to ensure this, despite their political leanings, religion and caste. This will be reflected in the coming elections”.

“Better late than never. To take up the cause of Trivandrum and vehemently voice and protest, we have finally taken the lead and brought all the Trivandrum loving organisations under an umbrella, Awake Trivandrum. Let us hope that our grievances will be addressed with this move”.He said as a concluding statement.

Courtesy ; SN Raghuchandran Nair
Trivandrum Chamber of Commerce and Industry(TCCI) and
Awake Trivandrum



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