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Worst mass beaching in the history of Australia; more than 300 whales stranded…

Tasmania: Rescuers have been trying to save the huge mass, which were trapped in the shallow waters just off the coast of the island of Tasmania.

Despite all the efforts from rescue teams, 90 long-finned pilot whales had died yesterday, with hundreds more still stranded in shallow waters. Tasmania’s Parks and Wildlife Service manager Nic Deka today confirmed that, at least 380 whales have now died. “We have got a more accurate count and we can confirm that 380 whales are dead,” Mr Deka said. “There’s around 30 left still alive but the good news is that we have saved 50.”

Whales are social creatures and form strong bonds with each other, so if one gets stranded or gets into trouble, others in the group often come to investigate and help. This could be one cause of a mass beaching like this. A group of 60 conservationists, experts and fishermen are now fighting to save the remaining whales, with rescuers braving cold waters to reach the animals.

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