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‘Her husband called and told that he had been mentally abused for 11 years and didn’t complain to anyone”; Dubbing Artist Bhagyalakshmi gets slammed by Film director

Film Director Santhivila Dinesh responds to Bhagyalakshmi’s complaint that she was insulted on social media. According to Dinesh, a notice was posted on YouTube on Bhagyalakshmi’s complaint and the controversial video was removed based on this. Dinesh said he had nothing to lose and that everything he said in the video was true.

‘The second story on my YouTube channel was about a dubbing artist. Go to the channels and stop doing personal harassment to the first husband and lover. You have to learn from a couple of stars in Malayalam, they have not thrown mud at each other in any channel or newspaper till date after the break up. She should do the same. I have never done personal harassment. I’m making a video right now to let you know how far the artist has lived.But more than two lakh people watched the video. There will be at least two lakh people even if it is recorded. Those who know them know that they will act like this.  Dinesh Said.

The filmmakers themselves are hostile to them. A lot of people called me and complimented me. I was called by those people who had to endure the boast of this character. They all said that someone had spoken against their arrogance. I’m not going to a case or a fight. That is why the video was removed .’- Santhivila Dinesh said.

‘Her husband called me while  i was traveling on a scooter.Suddenly i stopped the scooter and started talking to him. The man was at the edge of crying  over the phone. He said no harm was done  to her other  than getting married to her. He told me that he had been mentally abused for the last eleven years and had not complained to anyone and no one had spoken for him. I promised I would be with him for any further help .’- Santhivila Dinesh said.


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