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‘This one mistake can make your bank account empty’: SBI makes important announcement

The largest public sector bank in India, the State Bank of India has released an advisory for all its customers. The bank has warned that just one mistake by the customer will make his bank account empty.

The SBI has issued guidelines for its customers against the cybercriminals and fraudsters. SBI said that just one WhatsApp mistake can make you exposed to these financial fraudsters.

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“Customers are now being targeted on WhatsApp. Don’t let cyber criminals fool you! Please be aware and stay vigilant,” SBI has tweeted.

The Bank has highlighted five points in its ‘important announcement’. And they are the following:

– Informing customers about winning the lottery and asking them to contact an SBI number.

– Please be aware that SBI never calls or asks for personal or account-specific information through emails, SMS, calls and WhatsApp calls.

– There is no lottery scheme or lucky customer gift offers going on – please stay safe and think before you fall into any such traps. Cybercriminals are waiting for just one mistake – please do not trust such fake callers or forwarded messages.

The SBI also asked customers to widely share this message with people to save them from any such frauds.


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