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Google is looking for a special team to find security issues in Android apps…

Google is looking for security engineers to detect security technical issues with Android applications and detect counterfeit Covid-19 applications. Google plans to form a special team for this. These security engineers will handle reverse engineering, technical security assessment, code auditing, and design reviews of third-party Android applications and libraries.

Google points out that there is no such thing as a “secure” system. Their security team works to provide a secure working environment for Google users as well. These team members will not receive the benefits of the Google Play Security Rewards program, a bug bounty program that rewards those who discover security issues on Google Play.

Last year, it was announced that around Rs 10 crore would be given to those who find security issues in Pixel phones. If a security researcher finds problems with the special developer preview versions of Android, he will be given an additional 50 per cent bonus of Rs 10.5 crore. The new Android security team aims to identify basic security issues at Google and make major security updates.


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