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“70-year-old” Completes 40,075 km In 1500 Days Sets World Record For His ‘Earth Walk’!!!

The distance is equal to that of the earth’s circumference

A 70-year-old Indian-origin who is living in Ireland named Vinod Bajaj’s walking rule could become a potential recipient of the Guinness World Record. He has declared to have completed 40,075 km in 1500 days. The distance is equal to that of the earth’s circumference. All of this was done without going out of his hometown in  Limerick.

How can this be possible with just walking around his town and not stepping out of the town limits, without going out of Ireland??? Bajaj began his walk in 2016 as wanted to lose some weight. The fitter he became, the more passionate he was to stick to this fitness plan. He did all the walking within the city and explored out many routes, including some which suited the weather conditions like walking in an indoor mall when it rained.

Downloading a fitness app on his smartphone, Bajaj kept account of steps as well as the milestone he was able to achieve by doing so. Along with that, he kept himself filled with almonds, cashews, walnuts, and bananas to keep his energy up and running.

“Typically I started walking early in the morning and completed mostly in two intervals, the first one was always for a longer duration. There were many times I did the entire walk in a single attempt. Starting early allowed me to finish up by early afternoon, which gave me plenty of time to do things such as shopping, bank work, house, and garden work.”He said.

he was able to lose 8 kgs, in the first three months. He lost 12 kgs after around 6 months. He added that he did not change his food habits and all of the weight loss was because of the walking. In the first year, he completed 7600 km, which is equal to the distance from Ireland to India. A total of 15,000 km was achieved in two years. Another milestone that he was able to achieve was that he walked more than the circumference of the moon which is 10,921 km.

These achievements encouraged him to walk more than the rim of Mars which was around 21,344. The difference between this and the earth’s circumference is around 19,000. A difficult accomplishment, but he was able to achieve the same on September 21 this year. As of now, his application is getting evaluated by the Guinness World Record authorities. However, his family and loved ones are excessively concerned about his health. But he gave in and stated that he will reduce his walk and will not attempt a second Earth Walk.

Due to COVID-19, he has to repeat his routes as well but it has not stopped him from walking and following his fitness plan. We hope he can get the world record.


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