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‘These are all simple things’…Kitten making pottery…

Pets always try to imitate what humans do. Now they have no hesitation in bathing in the bathtub or dancing to music. Cats are smarter than other animals. The video is now circulating on social media. This time its not song and dance but ‘craft’.

The protagonist of this video is a kitten looking at a pottery maker. The cat is experimenting with pottery for the first time after looking at all the pottery methods for a while. The kitten touches the clay pot on top of the spinning wheel with her baby hand and finishes it. You can see in the video that the shop owner is amazed by this action of the kitten.


The video, which was shared on the Twitter page ‘Welcome to Nature’, has been viewed by over one lakh people. The 19-second video was uploaded with the caption ‘Pottery’ (pawtery). It is a combination of the word ‘paw’ which means cat’s hand in English and ‘pottery’ which means pottery in English. The video is filled with interesting comments such as “How cute is the cat who lovingly makes the pot that is going to explode on its own tomorrow” and “How beautiful it is”.

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