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Shreeshma who holds an engineering degree has been a truck driver for the past six months….

Growing up watching vehicles since childhood, Shreeshma’s only desire in was to learn to drive all vehicles. She has been training in driving since Class V, opted for a tipper lorry driver job soon after completing her engineering degree.

Shreeshma, the daughter of school teacher Sreeja, will adventurously come with a lorry on any road, the girl, is a marvel to the countrymen. Up to seven loads have been unloaded in a single day. Her father Purushothaman said his daughter had been driving the lorry at home for more than six months. She has ridden most of the bikes and cars, is ready to drive the bus.

She is also licensed to drive all vehicles and is training to operate a bulldozer. She graduated from the College of Engineering, Maathamangalam, is also conducting examination training for government jobs. Her experience is that drivers and others behave decently wherever they go. She has decided to continue this job till she gets another job.

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