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“Don’t vote for Trump”; a 93-year-old woman includes this interesting request in her obituary..Read more

A 93-year-old woman named Georgia May Adkins had passed away on September 28 due to a stroke in St. Paul situated in Minneapolis. The local newspaper named ‘Pioneer Press’ printed an obituary that consisted of all of her last wishes before she left for heavenly abode. One of her requests implored the public to not vote for Trump. “In lieu of flowers, Georgia preferred that you do not vote for Trump,” it said.  It was posted on all social media platforms, where it is being shared extensively.

Since Donald Trump has come to power, the United States has been divided into two groups- his ardent followers and the ones who do not condone any of the absurd statements that he claims publicly. With the presidential elections going on at the moment, this simple request is winning hearts all across the internet. With the photo of the obituary as well as her photo going viral, netizens were very impressed by her. Some even called her a ‘great patriot’ for asking the country to not vote for a man who does not have the country’s best interest in his mind.  “I wish I’d known a lady like Georgia May Adkins. A woman of great sensibility,” one user said. Another one said, “We are here to see that your dying wish comes true.” Well, everyone is hoping to see her dying wish comes true.


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