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Naples teachers brought teaching to streets and balconies…

COVID-19 pandemic made teachers adopt various methods to educate students, in Italy teachers have been taking their classes to the streets to prevent students from falling behind.

“Mothers called me and said the kids are in floods of tears, they want to go back to school, they don’t understand why schools need to be stopped,” said Pamela Buda, while holding a class for pupils sitting on public steps in central Naples. Tonino Stornaiuolo teachest his lessons to pupils listening from their balconies and on the streets outside their homes.

“We do everything to respect the rules because I think this emergency in Italy is serious and real”, he said. “I wanted to find a way in which the kids could see us and share time with us, at least as long as it is possible and until we know whether there will be another lockdown,” Stornaiuolo added.


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