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Skating at high speed blindfolded, Ojal wins record….

There are those who have a passion for roller skating and do not miss out on regular training. But a girl has not only practiced but also set a Guinness World Record for being different. The girl won the Guinness Book of World Records for her blindfolded roller skating.

Ojal Sunil Nallavadi, a girl, found her place in roller skating and broke the record. Ojal holds the record for the fastest girl to skate 400 meters. Ojal’s video has also been released on Guinness World Records’ official Instagram account. Ojal set a new world record in 51.25 seconds on a roller skate.

In the video, the spectators on both sides are blindfolded and skate fast. Many came to the scene praising Ojal’s determination. The comments go on to say that Ojal is respected and the hard work that Ojal went through for this cannot be forgotten and the difference is what led her to success.


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