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US president Election 2020 Updates: Counting of votes began: Know who is leading

The voting to elect President and Vice President of USA has ended. The counting of votes has began. Around 102 million US citizens had cast their votes in the US election.

As per US law, to win the US election, a candidate must win a majority in the ‘electoral college’. Electoral college is a group of electors from across the country who choose the country’s next president and vice-president. The electoral college has a total of 538 voters, who are apportioned according to the number of seats each state has in the US Congress. Crossing the halfway mark — 270 — equals to winning the presidency.

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As per latest updates, Democrat candidate Joe Biden is leading than his opponent US President Donald Trump.

The first results come from Dixville Notch. A village in the New Hampshire town which lies near US-Canada border. Here Biden has won all the five cotes. Meanwhile Trump got 16 and Biden got 5 votes in Millsfield.


As per the reports of New York Times, Biden has till now won 85 electoral votes and Trump has won 55.


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