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Media reacts with jokes and memes on the slow counting on ballots….

Counting for US Election 2020 is underway and there’s one vital question that people now need an answer to – “Who won Nevada?” Joe Biden currently has a lead over President Donald Trump and the state will play a crucial role in determining who will emerge as the winner.

The counting of these votes that have been cast before polling day has meant the entire nation and world has had to wait much longer for the result. There has been a change in how ballots can be cast due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the country waits, some creative minds on Twitter have taken a path of hilarity to pass time and entertain others through memes.

“How I look hitting refresh every 2 seconds waiting for Nevada’s election results to come through,” wrote a Twitter user and shared the post along with two images. This Twitter user took a humorous dig at how they feel while waiting for the Nevada Election Results. It’s something you may relate to if you’re getting impatient.

Nevada carries six Electoral College votes. As the votes are still being counted, it’s one of the key battlegrounds which will decide if Donald Trump resumes his second term or Joe Biden becomes the US president for the first time.


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