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US town elects bulldog as mayor in 2020 ‘Pawlitical’ election…

A  French bulldog named Wilbur Beast has won the race to be the town mayor in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky for “Dogs 2020” endorsement. In a Facebook post, Kentucky’s The Rabbit Hash Historical Society (RHHS) announced that the four-legged French bulldog has won the majority of the citizens based along the Ohio River.

“Mayoral election in Rabbit Hash has been called! Wilbur Beast is the new mayor with an amazing 13,143 votes, the highest winning total ever, toward an election total of 22,985. Also, the highest total ever for a Rabbit Hash election”, the town’s organization announced on Facebook.

Posted by Rabbit Hash Historical Society on Tuesday, November 3, 2020

According to the sources of abc9, Cincinnati, the town’s ambassador, Lady Stone, a black-and-white border collie, announced the results to “the most important election that happened this year”. Willbur defeated his pawlitical rivals Jack Rabbit, the beagle, and Poppy, the golden retriever.

Posted by Rabbit Hash Historical Society on Tuesday, November 3, 2020


The new canine mayor set the trail with a woof and tail wagging with a clear margin leaving behind his rival Brynneth Pawltro, or Brynn, a rescued pit bull mix, that won the popular vote for a new mayor in 2016 elections. Since 1988, Rabbit Hash’s mayor position has been held by a dog. Brynn had taken over the seat from canine mayor Lucy Lou, the border collie. The ambassador positions will be held either by the beagle Jack or Golden Retriever Poppy.

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