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Kalabhavan Sobi told a lie; CBI concludes Balabhaskar’s death as accidental….

Kochi: The Central Bureau of Investigation has concluded that the death of violinist Balabhaskar was the result of an accident. The lie detector could not find any new information. The statement of driver Arjun that it was Balabhaskar who drove the vehicle proved to be false. The investigation also proved that what Kalabhavan Sobi said was also a lie.

Last month, four people were linked to Balabhaskar’s case in connection with his death. Balabhaskar’s manager Prakash Thampi, Vishnu Somasundaram, Balabhaskar’s driver Arjun Balakrishnan and Kalabhavan Sobi, who had made several allegations in the case, were subjected to lie detection. Kalabhavan Sobi was tested twice and the others once.

The examination did not reveal any information that could go beyond an accidental death. Arjun told investigators that it was not him but Balabhaskar who drove the vehicle. But the lie detector found that it was a lie. Therefore, the CBI concluded that it was Arjun who was driving the vehicle.

The lie detector test was performed in two stages. In one of these tests, Sobi is said to have lied and in the second test he did not cooperate. Prakash Thampi and Vishnu Somasundaram are the accused in the Thiruvananthapuram gold smuggling case. Therefore, the CBI is investigating whether there was anything behind it that was related to Balabhaskar’s death.


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