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Covid made him drop out of school and now sells tea; he aspires to be a pilot….

When he failed the geography exam, what his mother said went deep into his mind. After the death of his father, the woman, who was shouldering the entire burden of the family, had nothing to say but the glory of education. She told her son that she could have a better life only if he studied.

He understood his mother’s words. He insisted that he will fulfill his mother’s wish to become an Air Force pilot to make a positive change in their lives. He started going to school regularly. Learning quality improved. He started getting more marks in the exam. But as Covid spread, the wings of his dreams began to burn. Schools stopped functioning and learning stopped.

The loss of her mother’s job and the lockdown put her in financial trouble. He also went to work in a shop to help his family. When he realized that the 100 rupees he was getting every day was not enough for anything, he started selling tea. An acquaintance offered him tea in the corner of his shop. He started making money by selling tea to nearby creditors.

But the mother began to blame herself for her son’s failure to study. But he says his role model is his mother who has dedicated her life to her family. He is confident that he will be able to fulfill his mother’s wish to become a fighter jet pilot.


The story of the clever boy was published on the Humans of Bombay Facebook page anonymously. The life stories of many hopeful people are often posted on this Facebook page. The story of this child has taken over the online world. Many people have come forward to help him. According to the comment section of the Facebook page, the boy was selling tea in Bhindi Bazaar, Mumbai. When one person commented that they would try to see him immediately, another said that they could start a donation page to help him.


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