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Hungary makeovers Chocolate Santa with marzipan masks…

Confectioner Laszlo Rimoczi decided to put masks on his chocolate Santas in rural Hungary, as he intended it would be a joke to raise people’s spirits amid a coronavirus pandemic. “I think by the time Santa comes he will have to wear a mask because Santa has to show a good example to people,” Rimoczi said.

To keep up with orders, he has had to simplify the design and now produces about 100 Santas a day, using gluten-free Italian chocolate. He paints the hats red, and makes the masks from tiny white marzipan strips, adding the ribbons with icing. “They were wrapped, but we had to unwrap them and give them masks as our customers now only want masked Santas,” he said.

He also makes other chocolate treats and sells them in a small shop in his house; which suffered losses as the pandemic hit in March. “I am sure next year I will sell only a fraction of these, as Santas will no longer have to wear a mask,” he said.

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