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A ‘drunk’ squirrel spotted swaying back and forth after eating fermented pears…

A woman from Minnesota got a video of a squirrel outside her home who accidentally got a little tipsy from eating fermented pears.

The squirrel starts to tip over, then balances itself before getting dazed again. Katy Morlok said feeding the squirrels has become her hobby because it gives her something to watch out the window while she’s working from home, but she didn’t intend to get the squirrel drunk.

Morlok told, she was cleaning out her refrigerator and came across some old pears. She looked up whether they were ok for squirrels to eat and put one outside in the bowl she keeps on her deck for the animals. One of her frequent visitors, a squirrel she calls “Lil Red” grabbed the pear and ran away up the tree.

About an hour later, the squirrel returned. She noticed it was acting funny and tipping back a little bit. “And then it kind of dawned on me…oh no, those pears were so old I bet they fermented,” Morlok said. “And then he got drunk and I did not mean to do that so I went out and I grabbed all the pears.”

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