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See how to be secure while shopping online. Know more!!!

Experts said, the people who are deciding to shop for themselves and their loved ones during this holiday season should educate themselves on the various ways that scammers are looking to take advantage of their shopping habits.

Satnam Narang, principal research engineer at Tenable, said, “The use of homoglyphs or ‘lookalike’ pages to fool consumers into submitting details remains a problem for consumers as these clever tactics are being used by cybercriminals to trick unsuspecting shoppers.”  “While legitimate sellers are present on social media sites, such as TikTok and Facebook, the sheer number of scams I’ve observed compels me to advise users to be cautious.”

“The problem isn’t with drop shipping itself — the issue is that scammers are leveraging drop shipping to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. These scammers promote heavily-discounted goods on social platforms; you could receive counterfeit goods, inferior quality items to that of the image or description shown, or the wrong product entirely. That’s assuming you receive anything at all,” he added.

Gevers said, “We are likely to see continued high levels of cyber attacks aimed at retail throughout the November and December shopping periods. Retailers need to take steps to ensure that their brands are not being hijacked online and used to launch cyber attacks on shoppers. By taking ownership, retail brands can prevent criminals from turning popular shopping festivals into phishing frenzy. The damage to a company’s reputation following a successful online brand exploit can take a long time to repair, so it’s in the best interest of the organization and its customers to take preventative measures.”


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