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Tried to make noodles in an easy way…. See what happened…

Noodles are a favorite cuisine of bachelors and non-cooks alike. What makes noodles a favorite is that they are easy to make. But what if you try to make noodles in a pressure cooker that are easy to make by default? This is now going viral on social media.

The person was using a pressure cooker to make the noodles easily. It will be clear from the picture what happened next. In the picture, the pressure cooker explodes and the noodles are scattered all over the place.

He cooked six packets of noodles, paneer and vegetables. But the cause of the failure was that the cooker was opened before the pressure was fully heated. The man says he was using a pressure cooker to make quick food. The young man said that the sound of the pot falling was still ringing in his ears.

Many people came with comments.  In such a situation, most people have commented that the cooker should be opened only after the pressure is fully gone and that it is fortunate that no other accidents have occurred.

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