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Scientists claim to have built a quantum computer that demonstrates quantum supremacy. Know more

A team of Chinese researchers claimed that they have built and tested a photonic quantum computer that demonstrates quantum supremacy.  Quantum computers could vastly outperform conventional machines on certain tasks. The goal is to achieve what has come to be known as” quantum supremacy”, where a quantum computer can outperform conventional computers on at least one type of task.

A team in China has developed a photon-based quantum computer capable of carrying out a single specific type of calculation, boson sampling. Boson sampling is a means for calculating the output of a straight-line optical circuit that has multiple inputs and outputs. Conventional computers become bogged down very quickly when trying to calculate distributions of such a system. Jiuzhang was built to handle 100 inputs and 100 outputs using 300 beam splitters and 75 mirrors.  Jiuzhang took approximately 200 seconds to provide an answer.

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