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French YouTuber climbed Paris’ huge Montparnasse skyscraper with his bare hands and no safety harness. Watch

Leo Urban was a YouTuber and an athlete has very skillfully climbed Paris’ huge Montparnasse skyscraper. The most amazing thing is he climbs the building with only his bare hands and no safety harness. He climbed a 58-floor building in just an hour.  Urban spent weeks practicing before the skillful climb.  This is not the first time he amused people with his athletic skills. Earlier he climbed the  Eiffel Tower, as well as the Engie and Ariane skyscrapers.

He shared the adventure climbings through his YouTube account and Instagram. He said that this is the most difficult climb and he spent weeks preparing for this building scaling.  In 2015, Alain Robert, nicknamed ‘Spider-Man’ scaled the building with a Nepalese flag to give a tribute to victims of a severe earthquake that hit the country.

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