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Came to see the new house, but did not expect to find a secret doorway in the kitchen; Video goes viral…

There are those who maintain diversity when it comes to preparing homes. They may have brought in an element of design that sets them apart from other homes. But what if the thing is a surprise instead of a difference? The surprise of the owner in the design of such a house is now going viral on social media.

Jamie, a native of London, has been running for a home for days. Jamie’s post a video of the house. But when it came to the cabinet part of the kitchen, Jamie felt an abnormality. When I touched the side of the cabinet, I realized that it could be lifted up and that it was a staircase underneath.

When you move the cabinet up and open the cabinet, you see the steps below. They reach the back garden. The video was shared on Twitter and went viral. The video received over 3.5 million likes and nearly 50,000 retweets.


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