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Man sets a new world record for the longest full body contact with ice cubes…

Romain Vandendorpe, from France, set a world record for the longest full-body contact with ice cubes. He submerged his full body in ice cubes for the longest time, enduring the extreme challenge of raising funds for childhood cancers. The 34-year-old health worker was buried neck-deep in ice in a plexiglass cabin for two hours, 35 minutes, and 43 seconds, breaking the previous record of 40 minutes.

This was performed in front of fifty people and the mantra of Vandendorpe’s success was simple. “If we train, if we give it our all, we can move forward (and) get results that can make things better. ” His training techniques, including sitting in an icy jacuzzi, training in a 500-liter freezer, and then staying buried in the snow in the French ski resort of Chamonix. He raised money for funding childhood cancer patients.

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