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“Romantic Nations of the World”. Find out which countries are included in the list

Romance is the expressive and pleasurable feeling from an emotional attraction towards another person. Everyone perceives romance differently. For some, the most romantic thing is an elegant flower bouquet, for others – a weekend in the mountains with their significant other, and for some, it is a cold beer and an open-air movie with kisses in the car. But sometimes it’s more than just a few people.  Here are some most romantic nations in the world

India: If celebrating Valentine’s Day is any measure of being romantic, Indians are Asia’s most romantic lot with 90 % of them showing affection for their partners on this day. Indians have a history of love. They hold the symbol of enduring love, the Taj Mahal, The world’s most famous monument and one of the seven wonders of the world.

France: French people are famous in the world due to their romantic nature. They truly know and feel the language of love.  It’s not by chance that Paris is known as the most wanted for romantic excursions city.

Spain: Spanish people have a reputation as very good lovers. Lively, charming, and hot, these people know the true meaning of romance.

Argentina: Argentines are very passionate and romantic. A typical nation from Latin America, these people have a lot of passion. The perfect expression of Argentine romanticism can be found in the tango, arguably the world’s most sensuous dance.

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