“Obsessed with decayed and rotting food” ; Man eats 14-month-old McDonald’s burger, Video goes viral..

Many people are smitten with food. But being obsessed with decayed and stale food is honestly weird. YouTuber Matt Davin, who hails from South Yorkshire, United Kingdom, brought it upon himself to carry up what he named the ‘McDonald’s 365 Challenge’ for his 40th birthday. He took a revolutionary action by purchasing a feed from McDonald’s on his 39th birthday in November 2018 and then planting it in his friend’s garden, to be recovered a year later on his 40th birthday.

Matt Davin got postponed by two months and only took the burger in February 2020. He then took out the burger from his friend’s garden and wiped it off. The 14-month-old burger was then consumed by the YouTuber in a step-by-step video recording the entire eating procedure in a video on his YouTube channel by the name ‘Beeper Beef’.

See the video:

The shocking video displays him actually completing the stale burger, as well as the fries and shake that was planted with it. He gasped a few times in the middle of when he was eating the burger, but he overlooked to finish it off. He told the camera in the YouTube video that he had taken up a few weird food challenges since college, which was where he believed it all began. “I remember seeing something where someone had preserved a McDonald’s meal for years so I decided to take it a step further and eat it,” said Davin in the video.

As for reactions to the video, many YouTube users delivered in their reactions to the video. A user said, “News flash, New Mac’ coronavirus discovered in England,” while another provided popular opinion and stated, “If you don’t get food poisoning it will be a miracle.” But surprisingly, Matt Davin remarked that he was completely fine after eating the meal and had no side-effects.


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