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“Asteroids bigger than the size of Eiffel Tower approaches Earth” ; Is Nostradamus prediction for 2021 come…

According to NASA’s Centre for Near-Earth Object Studies, five asteroids are positioned to create a near direction to Earth today, two of which are larger than the Eiffel Tower. The other three asteroids are somewhat small and don’t make much danger to our planet.

The massive asteroid named 2021 CO247 is 0.83 times the size of the Eiffel Tower and it is expected that this celestial body will glide above the Earth at 7.4 million kilometers. The other one, the giant of the five asteroids, 2008 AF4, is almost half-a-kilometer vast and it will go beyond Earth around 2:30 AM on January 7. The smallest of the six asteroids, 2021 AJ which is not more than 20 meters in diameter will go past the planet in the evening (5 PM IST approx).

If these asteroids slammed into the planet, the resultant effect could be the equal of the most extensive nuclear bombs. Regardless, NASA stated that none of these asteroids are a rapid threat. The asteroid 2008 AF4 is over 15 million km out from Earth and does not make a threat. Only Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) create a danger to Earth and that also relies on the size as the celestial things fume upon penetrating the atmosphere.

Meanwhile, asteroids coming to the Earth has become a typical event these days. Just 3 days back, a gigantic 220-meter asteroid, about as broad as Golden Gate Bridge glid above the Earth at 6.9 million kilometers. Popular French astrologer Nostradamus had created a prophecy stating that an asteroid as big as the Eiffel Tower will strike Earth sometime earlier in 2021. He had made 6,338 predictions out of which 3,797 prophecies have confirmed correct.


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